Moving on to building a brand

Creating the cosmetics collages was fun while it lasted, R.I.B Polyvore, (Rest in Beauty) seven years worth in fact but now it’s time to move on and build upon this name I’ve created.

I’ve decided to focus and create a unique skincare line for young women ages 12 – 24, why? Because although you love to play in make up, with all of its crazy trends, Celebrity lines, eyebrow tricks, primers, contouring and such, i figured why put another cosmetics brand out there? And, it’s more important to care for and maintain it when you aren’t using cosmetics. So that’s what i will be doing in the coming weeks.  Developing a line that is organic, cruelty free, chem free and totally good for your face. It will be for all types of skin ( Combo, Dry, Sensitive, oily/acne-prone & *Normal, *as in you never had an issue with your skin) no matter the skin tone, each set of skincare products will be custom made just for your skin type. It will be available exclusively through here or our e-commerce store also in the works. In addition to that we will post articles on how best to care from your skin from the inside out.  Oh and before you go, If you don’t mind, could you please answer the Beauty poll questions so that we know what to focus on when it comes to skin care. Please stay tuned and continue to follow us, thank you.



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