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I‘ve always struggled to find a good product for my messy head. Yes, head. Not only my hair stops being “normal” just a few days after I have washed them and blow-dried them but I also have a very sensitive scalp. If you have the same issue, and like me you have been running in circles trying to find the perfect treatment, search no more, I’ve got you!


This brand called Rene Furterer is french and has all kinds of merchandise. According to your needs you can find the perfect treatment with a few simple steps. The only thing you have to do is go online to their website and take a sort of test, this test will allow you to learn more about your hair and suggest the best options to take good care of it. Having tried so many kinds of remedies if I am…

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Potions & Herbs

Potions & Herbs

Espa face care
$37 –

AMBRE body cleanser
$30 –

Body cleanser

Body cleanser

Beauty product

Indulge Your Dark Side with Crimson Peak : Contest Entry

Indulge Your Dark Side with Crimson Peak : Contest Entry

White button blouse
$44 –

Satin skirt
$120 –

Victorian earrings

Pink home decor

Kiss from a Rose

Kiss from a Rose

Balmain fragrance
$91 –

Nars cosmetic

OPI nail polish
$19 –

Beauty product
$4.59 –

Waterproof lip liner

Lancôme lip liner

Nars cosmetic
$32 –

Clarins lipstick
$28 –

Silver eyeshadow
$4.48 –