Weekend Beauty Hack: The Secret to the Perfect Pedicure


pedicure hacks Photo: IMaxTree

We live for the weekends, and what better time than Sunday to relax, rejuvenate and get your beauty game on point? These are the best easy beauty hacks to help you look—and feel—your best in the week to come.

Now that it’s officially sandal season, neglecting your feet is no longer an option. And giving yourself a weekly pedicure at home is an amazing way to relax and de-stress at the end of a week, while also giving your feet the TLC they deserve. Soaking and scrubbing your feet is easy; but painting your toenails can involve more physical contortion than a Cirque du Soleil performance. It’s tricky, and no matter how hard we try, we still end up with nail polish all over the skin around our toes.

Since messy, lacquer-covered toes aren’t a look we’re into, we’ve got to clean it up. You COULD scrub your skin with cotton swabs and…

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