This is the Most Relaxing DIY Pedicure Ever

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best at home pedicure Photo: Zero Creatives / Getty

It’s finally sandal season, which means it’s time to get your toes in tip-top shape. However, the recent outcry over mistreated nail salon workers sparked by the spectacular New York Times expose has (hopefully) made a lot of people think twice about getting that cheap mani/pedi.

Even if you know the workers in your local salon are paid a fair wage, there’s lots of other reasons to do your own pedicures at home. Maybe you’re on a tight budget, or maybe you just don’t enjoy having a stranger getting that up close and personal with your feet. Whatever the case, every woman should know how to give herself a wonderful pedicure from the comfort of her own home. Just follow these easy steps for an amazing DIY pedicure; your feet will be sandal-ready in no time!

1. Soak.

After removing any existing nail polish, the first…

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