The Scary Health Risks Behind 5 Popular Spa Treatments

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Everyone loves a good spa day. From a half hour in a sauna to a long soak in a floatation pool, spa treatments are the ultimate in not only indulgence and relaxation, but beautifying, too. We don’t mean to spook you, but we do feel it’s our duty to make you aware: Like most things in life, the spa treatments we so love have some downsides, too. The potential health risks of these five popular treatments aren’t pretty by any means, but what can we do? Reality bites… and so do fish pedicures.

Burns, respiratory distress, a compromised reproductive system, dehydration—saunas are by and large considered safe by most standards, but spending too much time in them, or hanging out in a sauna that’s too hot, has health risks that without a doubt outweigh the benefits. You can imagine how exposure to crazy hot temperatures in…

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