Sunscreens for Normal, Combination/Oily, and Sensitive Skin

I use sunscreen on my lips because i’m prone to dark spots and it’s weird! Sunscreen is great for those who don’t want to tan or you are just out during the Summer.

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Hello Lovelies!

“I can’t stand the way it smells.”

“I don’t like the way it feels”

“It irritates my skin. I think I’m allergic to it.

“I can’t wear sunscreen because it clogs my pores.”

These statements are the most common concerns I hear when people ask me about sun protection.  In this post I’m sharing some products recommendations that will conquer all of the aforementioned struggles. Sunscreen is the most important beauty product in your bathroom. A good SPF product is the best anti-aging tool in your beauty arsenal. And remember to apply on the neck and chest as well. Those areas are often overlooked.

1.Perricone M.D. Photo Plasma SPF 30

This product is a great choice for any skin type but I especially love it for a easily irritated skin type that needs hydration, protection, and some anti-aging benefits. It protects the skin from environmental damage.  You will…

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