Recette: Mask for Oily Skin

Thank you! I happen to have Oily skin and this is a life saver. (2)You can have all the make up in the world but it will only work to its full potential if you look after the skin you are applying it to. Your skin needs your investment and time and when you find a routine that works – the results will speak for itself.

Applying some form of a face mask at least once a week is a must. Your skin needs pampering, get in to a routine of dedicating one day a week where you will take some time to apply a mask to your face.

There are many face masks available, all that claim to cater for different things and range from being inexpensive to very expensive. But, what if you could make your own mask at home?

This mask is specifically ideal for oily skin because the antiseptic properties of honey and high levels of vitamins is truly luxury…

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