Beauty on a budget – Wet & Wild

Beauty on a budget - Wet & Wild

Wet n Wild lip treatment
$17 –

Wet n Wild lips makeup
$14 –

Wet n Wild mascara
$14 –

Wet n wild cosmetic
$11 –

Wet n Wild foundation
$9.33 –

Wet n Wild blush
$7.77 –


Wet n Wild lips makeup
$6.20 –

Wet n Wild lipstick

2 thoughts on “Beauty on a budget – Wet & Wild

  1. My daughter swears by Wet n Wild’s liquid eyeliner! She has tried all kinds of high-end brands, but she says that Wet n Wild’s is still the best. Personally, I’m not a fan of liquid eyeliner. I’m sure the products are good, I just don’t have a steady enough hand to apply it properly.

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    • lol, i know, i’ve tried it, im not crazy about it, makes my eyes water and I already have allergies but its something new for the brand, i’ve been a fan of it for a long while now.

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