My Top Ten Beauty Tips & Tricks!

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Over the years, every girl will develop her own beauty ‘hacks’ without even realising. So, today I am going to share with you my top 10 beauty tips and tricks – enjoy!

1) White eyeliner – White eyeliner has been an eye opener for me over the years – quite literally! If you apply white eyeliner into your bottom water line then this instantly makes your eyes appear larger and more awake (perfect for a monday morning!).

2) Concealer – Did you know that you can buy different coloured concealers that cancel out different things? Oh yes, let’s teach you some colour theory to help you camoflague them imperfections. Think of a colour wheel – the colours opposite eachother, cancel eachother out.

Green: Cancels RED – redness from spots, eczema, sunburns etc…

Yellow: Cancels PURPLE – for purple under eyes or bruised skin.

Orange: Cancels BLUE – again, best for…

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