Is it right to brand private label cosmetics as your own?

I plan to start a line of cosmetics for Circus of Face, stay tuned.

A behind-the-scenes look into a cosmetics company

I’ve recently been asked whether it’s “ethical” to use private label cosmetics, especially when you’re starting out in this investment-heavy industry and don’t have the funds to purchase large minimums from contract manufacturers. As one of my readers put it : Is it right to take credit for someone else’s work?

As you all know, I started Jelly Pong Pong with the most minimum of funds. I was after all, still at university and other than a very strong passion and conviction that I was meant to be in the cosmetics industry, I really didn’t have the funds to back my ambitions up. The first people I started stocking from were private label companies, namely Ladyburd and Grafton. What I did do differently, was to repackage their formulations. Since I didn’t have control over the ingredients, I was determined to put them in packaging of my choice. How that…

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Land of the Rising Sun

Land of the Rising Sun

Shiseido fragrance

Shiseido body cleanser
$50 –

Shiseido face makeup
$46 –

Shiseido makeup brush

Shiseido liquid foundation
$45 –

Shiseido lips makeup
$42 –

Shiseido concealer

Shiseido eye makeup
$36 –



Clinique face care
$79 –

Clinique eye care

Clinique face care

Clinique body moisturizer

Clinique sun care

Clinique deodorant
$20 –

Clinique beauty product
$71 –

Clinique blush
$53 –

Clinique make up bag
$48 –

Clinique concealer

Clinique face powder
$35 –

Clinique blush

Clinique matte lipstick
$27 –

Clinique mascara
$26 –

Clinique makeup
$24 –

Clinique makeup

Clinique lips makeup
$24 –

Clinique matte eyeshadow
$24 –