Retro Glam w/ Soap & Glory

Retro Glam w/ Soap & Glory

Face cleanser
$9.07 –

Bubble bath
$15 –

Body cleanser
$12 –

Body moisturizer
$9.83 –

Pen eyeliner
$9.07 –

Bath body product
$8.32 –

Body cleanser
$5.29 –

Lip gloss
$14 –


The Cost of Cosmetics are too damn high!

70off elfsale

Hunt for discounts on name brands and low budget brands, it will save  money you in the end.
Hunt for discounts on name brands and low budget brands, it will save money you in the end.


Just wanted to drop a note.

I was noticing that when I create these beauty collages together that some of the prices of these pieces of makeup (from Concealers to Mascara) are crazy expensive, then I thought about what they cost in the UK and canada in particular. Still, it’s too outrageous! You can find many of these items on many of the discount beauty e-store sites or bigger online stores like Amazon or E-Bay for fresh, new, never opened. So, good luck in your search and leave those department stores prices alone. I’ve made a short list below as there are thousands online.

http://www.adiscountbeauty. com

Cola Girl

Cola Girl

Lip treatment
$60 –

Lip treatment
$5.29 –

Nars cosmetic

Lip treatment
$5.29 –

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
$36 –

Tarte eyeliner

Mineral face powder

Rose lip gloss

Rimmel lipstick
$8.30 –

Do cosmetics has an expiration date?

Very important!

We all love cosmetics but did you know that cosmetics has also expiration date like foods? Yes, you read it right. So I am going to share to you how to find the expiration date of our stuff as it is really important for us.

Using expired cosmetics may cause irratations or unusual breakout as I’ve searched it over internet.

Cosmetics are not required to put an expiration dates but some of the manufacturers wrote it at the label like the photo below.

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All Natural Hair Care Lines

Beauty High

Those of us who live the natural life, free of as many unpronounceable chemicals as possible, will be psyched to know that we are not the only ones. In fact, there are so many brands out there on the all-natural front who ditch the hard cold science in favor of botanical treatments. Anyone with naturally thick, coarse, and curly hair will appreciate a good hair treatment made of earthly butters and substances otherwise plucked from plants and the ocean. Some of our favorite hair care lines just happen to be all-natural and organic, and we’re happy to share with you just which ones.

Avalon Organics

You’ll likely find this in the aisles of your drugstore, modestly perched among the hair products you might dismiss as mom-hair care from its deceivingly classic packaging. Avalon Organics offers a huge range of hair care products that are for strengthening, volumizing, moisturizing, and pretty much anything else…

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DIY – Hair Growth Oil Treatment



If you want thick, strong, manageable hair then try some of these essential oils! Packed with tons of beneficial vitamins to help stimulate hair growth, using these 100% natural oils as treatments will promote stronger, thicker hair growth. Create your own oil treatment with these oils:

Castor Oil – This is the primary and most effective oil in promoting hair growth. Packed with omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and anti-bacterial properties, castor oil boosts blood circulation for new hair growth while adding thickness, shine, and moisture. Use this oil to thicken eyebrows, grow your eyelashes, and even to moisturize skin!

Coconut Oil – Full of vitamin E and K, coconut oil adds moisture, shine, and eliminates frizz. It seals the hair follicles to prevent future damage and promotes silky, smooth hair. It’s protein and fatty acids help hair grow faster and improves scalp conditions for healthier hair.

Jojoba Oil –…

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Today’s quick & simple make up

Makeup & Curls

Hey loves!! Today was a long day. I had a lot of things to do starting early this morning. Nothing major, just a lot of errands to run and I was running late. I didn’t have time to do a whole “beat face” routine, but I didn’t want to go out looking like miss no face…not that I’m opposed to going without make up, I do it all the time…just not today.
It took me less than ten minutes to complete my look using just a few products.

1.Oil free moisturizer for combination skin by Neutrogena
2.L’OREAL BB Cream
3.COVERGIRL Ready, Set GORGEOUS concealer
4.Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara(my absolute favorite)
5.elf Eyebrow Kit
6.Burt’s Bees pink grapefruit lip balm
7.NXY lip smacking fun colors in 621 milan




So that’s it my dears…simple yet effective.

Good night loves, Melissa ?

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DIY Lip Palette

DIY Lip Palette

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
$37 –

Georg jensen flatware