Meet Two Friends Who Made Their Own Beauty Brand—Stowaway Cosmetics

One day “Circus of Face” will have its own brand as well.

Beauty High

Photo courtesy of Tractenberg & Co. Photo courtesy of Stowaway.

How many of you beauty-obsessed girls have thought about making your own makeup line? Or have you ever wondered how beauty brands happen and how makeup products and colors get picked? We are pretty much always pondering these things like it’s our job (spoiler alert: it is!). When we had the luck of meeting Chelsa Crowley and Julie Fredrickson, the co-creators and founders of Stowaway Cosmetics, they explained how Stowaway came about and why. When they told us that this all happened in one year, we knew that these are definitely the girls to ask about breaking into beauty on your own terms. Chelsa began her career as a makeup artist before moving in-house with Clinique to work on product education. Later, she honed her editorial skills at Bobbi Brown, working on editorial and online content creation. Julie spent her entire entrepreneurial and e-commerce career in digital marketing. She had…

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