Urea,… Say Goodbye to Dry Skin for Good.

The Seacret to Dead Sea Minerals

urea hand

Urea in a nutshell. 

Urea is a humectant that is most commonly used in the cosmetic industry. It assists our bodies outer layer of skin ( the Stratum Corneum) with keeping moisture in the skin. When the Stratum Corneum loses its moisture,it becomes dehydrated, and your skin will begin to crack, flake, and be at risk for eczema,psoriasis, and even xerosis. During the winter months, when our body is dealing with drier weather, our skin is at a much higher risk of losing amino acid. In the summer months, we are at risk because the sun will dry out your skin not just causing dry skin but age damage; such as wrinkles on our forehead, hands and around the eye area.

Benefit factors to Urea

Urea penetrates and rehydrates the outer layer of skin causing less flakes, dry patches and flare ups. Urea has a very high water content that helps…

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