5 foods for youthful skin

Eat good for healthy skin

Dr Martina Van Der Mescht

There is more to skin ageing than night creams


If you read the latest magazine adverts or watched todays TV commercials you’ll be suitably convinced that the key to skin ageing is hydration and a daily regime of homecare products. Although this may be true to some degree most of my patients would benefit from a Filler treatment or a Botulinum toxin injection or two.

Of the above-mentioned anti-ageing options, I can physically help with them all. But there is another consideration to take, and its one I can only give advice for. It is of course your diet.

Prevention is better than cure

When considering your diet it is prudent to note many of the fad diets constantly doing the rounds. This advice here does not make any commentary on those diets but rather provides a few food items that can prevent skin ageing and in some cases return…

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